Pan-Type Awnings

Attractive Pan-Type Awnings

Extend the Life of Your Doors, Windows, and Porches With Our Pan-Type Awnings

Enhance the exterior of your home while extending the life of your doors, windows, and porches with pan-type awning. It will also keep the temperature down and help save energy.

Get Customized Pan-Type Awnings for Your Home

The Pan-type awning is a very attractive type of awning that can provide protection and barrier from extreme sun, rain, and snow. During winter and rain, it will keep the snow and rain out of your doorway. It'll also provide a bit of shelter.
Pan-type awnings can be customized depending on the size of your door, window, or porch and the color of your home. Colors can be mixed and matched too. Call Awnings And Beyond today for more details.

Advantages of Pan-Type Awning

  • Keeps the temperature down
  • Saves energy
  • Lowers your cooling energy bills
  • Protects your drapes, carpets, and furniture from fading
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"They put in a beautiful awning. They kept everything clean and also kept the dust down. The price was right. Everyone I talked to said the pricing was great. I have already referred him to two people, and they did the work for one of them already."

Jerry S.
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